Summer Intern: Jacob Lane

We have an intern!

Woo Hoo! We’re very excited to have Jacob Lane working with DoNight this summer.

Jacob’s first collaboration with DoNight was the giant Mark Twain puppet we built last year for the Muscatine Fourth of July parade.  Jacob was one of the first to catch the vision and quickly became part of the core design/build team for that project.

Jacob LaneJacob Lane

Jacob is a journalism major at the University of Iowa and will graduate in 2012.  He was born in Phoenix, Arizona, moved to Muscatine, Iowa, then back to Arizona where he lived until finishing high school.

Jacob hosts ‘The Happy Landfill’, a weekly radio program on KRUI (Iowa City college radio).  He plays drums, listens to The Beatles, and often lets Jay-Z lyrics pass for tweets
( @JacobLane).  Other favorite music includes Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and Justice.

As a DoNight intern this summer, Jacob will manage the social media profiles for the Muscatine River Monster project, help organize and run our activities for artists and creative people, and of course help build the amazing spectacles that DoNight is known for.

He will undoubtedly pick up other significant resume items along the way too – gamer style.   (Though we sometimes doubt Jacob will actually need to submit a resume anywhere…people come looking for him.)

We’re excited for Jacob to bring his creative ideas, media skills, and impeccable musical tastes to DoNight this summer.

Please drop a comment below and welcome Jacob!

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