Introducing the Muscatine River Monster!

Release the Kraken!

Mockup of The Kraken

Hi,  I want to tell you about the public art project that several DoNight members and myself are about to bring to Muscatine, Iowa.  It’s called The Muscatine River Monster.  It combines a giant scale inflatable sculpture and a story about our city.

The sculpture is of a giant River Monster – a Kraken – with 25 foot tentacles and an insatiable appetite for tall buildings:-)

The story,  ‘Legend of the Kraken’,  imagines a giant River Monster visiting Muscatine at key times in our city’s incredibly innovative history.     Each time the monster visits, it means great things for Muscatine….and the Kraken is about to visit again!

Get the story by going here:
(Warning: the story is the premise for an art exhibit.  Not everyone will understand it. )

This project is about celebrating the creative culture of Muscatine.  I believe this is a great place for artists and creative people to live and work.  With The Kraken project, I want to help other people see that as well.

With this project, I want to tell our story, and help people expect interesting and exciting experiences in Muscatine.  I think you’ll be pleased:-)

The Kraken is scheduled to appear very soon. Details will be released by email, FB, and twitter.

Watch for it!

Andrew K Anderson

Visit the website, like Muscatine River Monster on FB, and follow the adventure this summer!     The Kraken tweets too: @MuscatineKraken

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