What is DoNight?

DoNight is an Art & Do-It-Yourself  activity group based in Muscatine, Ia.  We create collaborative projects and organize classes and workshops on a wide range of creative topics.   Some examples are:  building a giant street puppet, metal casting class, sewing slippers from recycled jeans.

The DoNight Story!

DoNight started as a way for me (Andrew) to get together with friends and work on our creative projects.  We all had ideas and half designed projects that kept getting pushed aside by our busy lifestyles.  I was going bonkers from not being able to pursue my creative outlets – which I’m sure you’ve experienced too!   Something had to be done and DoNight was our answer.

These ‘Nights to Do’ our projects were fun – and moderately productive.  I remember one night when there were people  soldering an electronics project, writing, hand coloring slides, making rubber molds,  and cooking lobster, all in one room at the same time! Yes, it was madness.  But it was clear we were on to something and the DoNight name stuck.

These days, DoNight activity times are much more focused – that’s a good thing.  But we still cultivate and thrive on the cross-pollination that comes from collaborating with engineers, writers, musicians, theater people, etc.    And that’s really who DoNight is for:  people who Do things.

A Couple FAQ

What if there are no DoNight activities for my interest?

If you are interested in something, its likely other people are too.  If you want to learn/teach/collaborate on something, talk to us!   In fact, there’s a good chance someone has already asked about your very interest!

Whether  your interest is art, craft, DIY or whatever,  we try to connect people who can help each other.

What if I live too far away from DoNight activities?

Perfect!  If you are interested in something, chances are other people are too.   Here is what we suggest:

  • Schedule a weekly time to develop your skills, work on your project, and to spend time with creative people.
  • Invite people to join you – you know people who have been neglecting their dreams. Give them a way to get started again. Let them rub shoulders with yourself and other creative people – you will inspire each other and set the bar higher for everyone!
  • Tell us about it!  We’d love to show pictures and show off what people are doing.  It’s even possible that will help you find more people to work with.

Use the form below to tell us what you’re doing, ask questions, or just say hi    – we’d love to hear from you!   Your email is safe and we’ll let you join our mailing list on your own.