The DoNight Manifesto

Read out loud!

  • I have Creative Instincts   (Such as knitting, drawing, dancing, race car building)
  • Pursuing my Creative Instincts is essential for my life to be exciting, engaged, and refreshed.
  • I got busy with the rest of life and it crowded out my Creative Instincts.
  • I scheduled a weekly time for doing my Creative Projects.   (Some people call it their ‘DoNight’)
  • I know that when I am fully engaged, excited, and refreshed, I bring good things to my home, my family, my community and my city.

Take Action!

If this stirs something in you,  Take Action!  Join the DoNight mailing list and participate in hands on creative activities.

Start your own Activity Night – and invite people.   (Call it DoNight if you want!)

By coming to DoNight activities and workshops, or starting your own, you are joining an Arts and DIY network that will amp-up your creativity and enable you do Do More!

Yes, Tell me about DoNight activites!





If you’re inspired by this, please take a minute and forward this to friends who would also benefit from ‘a Night to Do things’!  Thanks!