Melon! at Musser Public Library

It was a busy weekend for DoNight sightings.  Early Friday morning Chris, Hans and I (Andrew) went down and installed the Giant Watermelon on the porch at Musser Public Library. This is the melon we built and brought to the Muscatine Farmers Market this Summer. 

Chris smiling because he took an hour off work to move a giant watermelon.

I should add that the seed distribution on this slice of melon has sparked a little debate. The two camps seem to claim seeds appear in orderly rows or that they come in random patterns.  While it seems the random dispersal idea won out on this melon I know that both camps are actively recruiting…   Care to join sides?

And yes, we know it’s almost pumpkin season but we have a giant watermelon and not a giant pumpkin – yet!  A few more shots of the Melon going up here.

Thanks again Musser Public Library for sponsoring this project to support the Muscatine Farmers Market.  You’re making healthy eating fun! 

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