Secret Mission! Sat, Aug 28

Yes DoNight is going on a secret mission!  On this mission we will…well, we can’t just tell you…it’s a secret.  We can say that it involves something larger than life and will make a lot of people smile – including participants.  With that cryptic introduction…

You are invited to participate!
To be a Secret Mission Operative, meet at the parking lot on the corner of Ceder and 3rd street, downtown Muscatine. (Across the street from the Muscatine Journal building)  Mission includes a short walk. (Less than 1 mile)

Attire:  Dress as a farmer – interpret that how you want.  Ideas include: overalls, jeans and t-shirt (with John Deere logo!?), flannel shirt, chewing on a piece of straw.

The one item we will all wear is a STRAW HAT.

Mission Details:

  • Saturday, Aug 28
  • Meet at parking lot on corner of Cedar and 3rd street.
  • Mission starts at 9:00am – arrive promptly!
  • Mission includes a short walk.
  • Dress as a farmer including straw hat.

Join the brave, the early risers(for you college students), and the usual suspects on a Secret Mission. Infamy not guaranteed but likely.

If you can’t find a straw hat, or have any other questions, talk with Andrew

563 260 5556

Thank you Musser Public Library for sponsoring this out of the box public event!

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