Want to draw Postcards this Thursday? (Feb 17)

When was the last time you got a postcard?  Or sent one? Have you ever sent one?!   There is something special about that piece of card, your hand written message, a stamp.  So,

This week at Drawing Club we will be drawing  our own postcards. We will bring cardstock – you bring your pens, markers, crayons, and ideas. And bring an address of someone you want to send a card to. (or several) Think about who you would love to get a postcard from – and send them one!

Stamp on us. To make this really easy, I (Andrew) will gather them up and bring them to the post office – yes, I’ll post them for you!

Drawing Club is a weekly activity organized by DoNight. There is usually a broad theme such as, ‘Monsters’ or ‘post cards’ to help get people started. Bring your own supplies – People frequently bring pens, markers, charcoal, chalk. Between 3 and 13 people usually come to draw.  All skill levels welcome.

Drawing Club
Every Thursday evening
6:00-8:00pm at  Muscatine non-profit center. 129 W 2nd Street

If you have any questions you can contact:
Andrew Anderson
563 260 5556

Come and draw postcards this Thursday, Feb 17!

Drawing at top by Travis M.  It’s not a real postcard – but it would make a good one…

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